ICEEPSY 2024 Call for Papers

ICEEPSY 2024: Call for Papers

You are invited to attend ICEEPSY 2024, the 15th International Conference on Education & Educational Psychology. Students, teachers, researchers, practitioners, and psychologists will meet in beautiful Madrid, Spain and Online during 04-07 November 2024.

ICEEPSY 2024 will again feature informative workshops and presentations by skilled educational and educational psychology researchers and international scholars. The conference is inviting especially those who are interested in researching AI-Powered Pedagogy, Ethical and Responsible AI in Education, AI-Enhanced Classroom Tools, Assessment and Evaluation with AI, AI and Inclusive Education, AI in Curriculum Design, AI and Educational Research, AI Policy and Governance in Education, Emerging AI Trends in Education, AI and Student Engagement, AI for Student Support, Professional Development for Educators, AI for Lifelong Learning. 

To date, more than almost 6.600 participants from more than 91 countries have attended an ICEEPSY conference. The Academics Institute Scientific Committee and Board of Reviewers are already working hard to ensure the continued high-quality of this event.

ICEEPSY 2024 will publish all accepted full-text papers in European Proceedings of International Conference on Education and Educational Psychology - EpICEEPSY. Previously Published ICEEPSY EpSBS Conference Proceedings Volumes either have been indexed or accepted or submitted iWeb of Science Core Collection™ Conference Proceedings Citation Index - Social Sciences & Humanities (CPCI-SSH) and abstracts will be published in the Abstract Book ICEEPSY (ISSN: 1986-3020), a serial publication registered with the International Centre for the Registration of Serial publications in Paris. Selected papers will be published in the peer-reviewed The European Journal of Social and Behavioural Sciences.

We look forward to seeing you in Madrid - Spain and online in November 2024.

Thematic Section

The topics covered by the conference include, but are not limited to:

  • Adolescent Growth and Development:

    • AI's Impact on Cognitive and Socio-Emotional Development in Adolescents

    Arts Education:

    • Enhancing Arts Education through AI-Driven Tools and Content Curation

    Assessment and Evaluation:

    • Automating Assessment and Evaluation with AI: Grading, Data Analysis, and More

    Continuing Education:

    • AI-Powered Lifelong Learning: Personalized Pathways and Professional Development

    Counseling Psychology:

    • AI in Counseling: Virtual Therapists and Mental Health Support

    Distance Learning:

    • AI-Enhanced Distance Learning: Adaptive Platforms and Content Delivery

    Education and Technology:

    • Cutting-Edge AI in Education: Virtual Assistants, Innovative Applications, and More

    Educational Psychology:

    • AI and Educational Psychology: Enhancing Learning, Motivation, and Cognitive Processes

    Effective Teaching Practices:

    • AI for Effective Teaching: Personalized Instruction, Differentiated Learning, and Real-Time Feedback

    Higher Education:

    • AI in Higher Education: Research, Virtual Labs, and Faculty Support

    Learning Theories:

    • AI and Learning Theories: Constructivism, Behaviorism, Connectivism, and Beyond

    New Approaches in Psychology:

    • Emerging AI-Driven Approaches in Psychology: Assessments, Virtual Reality, and More

    Quality Assurance/Institutional Effectiveness:

    • Ensuring Quality with AI: Monitoring Institutional Effectiveness and Improving Outcomes

    Second Language Teaching:

    • AI in Language Learning: Language Practice, Assessment, and Tools

    Special Education:

    • AI for Special Education: Assistive Technology, Personalized Plans, and Accessibility

    Teacher Education:

    • AI in Teacher Training: Resources for Lesson Planning, Classroom Management, and More

Key Dates

  • ICEEPSY 2024 Conference Dates: 04 - 07 November 2024
  • Final Abstract Submission Deadline: 01 April 2024
  • Results of Abstract Review: within two to four weeks after submission
  • Draft Conference Programme Published Online: 15 August 2024
  • Full conference paper submission: 15 September, 2024
  • Conference Proceedings available online (targeted date): 01 December 2024

Abstract Submission

Submit an Abstract

All authors must submit their abstracts through Academics Institute Submission System choosing a proper thematic section and preferred presentation format.

Each author is limited to a maximum of four submissions as an author or co-author.

Submission Confirmation

After submission, you will receive an automatic submission confirmation that your abstract has been received.

Initial Screening

Each abstract submission is first checked by Program Committee Members coordinated by the Program Chair for completeness, formatting, plagiarism and to ensure it abides by the conference topical/thematic areas and language level.


Your submission will undergo single-blind peer review process by two reviewers selected by one of the Program Committee Member.

Pre-Paper Acceptance

Your submission will receive a review decision within two to four weeks after submission by a member of the Organising Committee.


Authors are invited to register to ICEEPSY 2024, if their submissions are accepted. In order to be included in the Abstract Book and Conference Programme, one of the authors must register the conference by the registration deadline and attend the conference to give the presentation.

Presentation Types

Oral Presentation
Live-Stream Presentation
Poster Presentation
Virtual Presentation

Paper Submission and Evaluation

All authors must submit their abstracts through Academics Institute Submission System.

We strongly encourage all authors to prepare their submissions according to the European Publisher EpICEEPSY format. For further information please contact at

Paper Categories

ICEEPSY 2024 accepts two types of papers described as follows:

Original research paper: An original article which includes quantitative, qualitative, or mixed method empirical research. A maximum length of 6000 words, including the abstract, figures, tables, reference list) which may be extended to 8000 words to incorporate the reviewers’& editors’ comments. The paper should focus aspects of education in terms of theory and practice, with a particular emphasis on current research and thinking in this field.

Empirical review paper: A paper that reviews with empirical evidence research that has been conducted in a particular area. A maximum length of 6000 words, including the abstract, figures, tables, reference list and supplemental material where applicable, which may be extended to 8000 words to incorporate the reviewers’ comments.

Review Process

Your paper will undergo a final review outlined in Peer Review Criteria by a Programme Committee member. Final review notification will be sent to you by October 15, 2024.

Submissions must be written in internationally accepted, standard English to be considered for peer review.

ICEEPSY 2024 will not accept research papers, at that time of submission, are under review, accepted for publication in a journal or have already been published before. 

Submissions must follow the formatting guidelines of European Publisher’s EpICEEPSY and be submitted in doc(x) through the Academics Institute conference management system. Submissions not adhering to the specified format and length may be rejected.

Papers submitted to ICEEPSY 2024 will undergo single-blind peer review where the reviewers’ identities are concealed from the authors throughout the review process.

Peer Review Criteria

Papers will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

  • Originality
  • Relevance
  • Acceptable English level
  • A valid, rigorous and scientifically accepted methodology
  • Design and consistency of results in the paper


For further information about publication, please visit ICEEPSY 2024 Publication Opportunities.

The publisher follows Gold Open Access as publication model. Publication fee will be covered by the conference organizers. There will be no extra cost for authors for publication.

The ICEEPSY 2024 Proceedings will are available through “Gold Open Access” and bear Creative Commons License, CC BY-NC-ND license. In this model, the articles are immediately freely available online immediately and permanently for everyone to read, download and share. The copyright of the papers will remain with the authors.

Publication of the papers is predicated on the presentation (oral/virtual/poster) of the paper at the conference at the time slot stated in the conference itinerary.