14th ICEEPSY 2023

The International Conference on Education and Educational Psychology
17-19 October 2023
Barcelona - Spain


CAS 2023

The International Conference on Addiction Studies
05-06 December 2023
Madrid - Spain


Academics Institute, presents conferences and congresses and offers selected diploma training programs to improve the quality of a range of disciplines.

Academics Institute is pleased to announce that as of May 2021, we are the organizer of the well-known and popular conferences such as ICEEPSY, icCSBs and many others. Check our conferences from the Conference List

Academics Institute presents an opportunity for members of academic communities—researchers, professors, teachers, practitioners, and vendors—to gain new knowledge and skills, to interact, and to share research findings in presentations, abstracts, and complete papers. Academics is proud of its indexed publications, which are published in the proceedings of each conference.



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Up to 2021, more than 7500 Participants from over 97 countries have participated in our conferences. We are proud to be the organizer of them from since May 2021.

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ICEEPSYInternational Conference on Education & Educational Psychology


CASInternational Conference on Addiction Studies

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