Virtual Presentation Process

In order to present your research at the conference as a Virtual Presenter, your abstract must undergo a thorough single-blind peer review. For further details please see the Abstract Submission & Review Process for details.

Providing that your abstract is accepted, you will receive an invitation from Academics Institute to register, participate and publish in accordance with the following procedure: 


  1. Complete your registration as a Virtual Presenter on the conference website. Your participation at the conference will be confirmed upon the receipt of your registration fee payment.
  2. Record and edit your presentation video and upload it to Academic Institute’s Online Submission System. Your video’s style is entirely up to your preferences. However, please consider the duration limitations as they are explicitly stated on the event's website. Among various ways to create your presentation video, you can record yourself presenting or convert your PowerPoint presentation into a video format. Your video will then be uploaded and archived to VideoLectures repository. 
  3. Participate and present your research in your scheduled live-stream session.  
  4. The Certificate of Presentation will be delivered to you as a PDF copy.