icH&Hpsy 2015

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Presentations & Posters: 2-13
Conference: icH&Hpsy July 2015 International Conference on Health & Health Psychology
Dates: 09-12 July 2015
Location: Kyrenia - Cyprus
Conference Chair(s): Pavlo Kanellakis, C.Psychol., CSci, FBPsS., Chartered Health Psychologist (British Psychological Society), Registered Health Psychologist (Health and Care Professions Council – UK), Association for Psychological Therapies (APT)Couples SIG, The Royal College of Psychiatrists, Editor of The European Journal of Counselling Psychology, United Kingdom

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No: 2   (2805)

Title: Effect of Peganum harmala L. on Lipid metabolism and changes HMGcoA reductase in Hypercholesterolemia-induced Male Wistar Rat
Author(s): Ali Mohammad Eini*, Majid Moharrami Fard, Hoda Fazaely, Mohammad Mohammad Eini, Reza Tabatabaei Qomi
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No: 3   (2807)

Title: Daily coffee and tea consumption among smokers and non-smokers in a Turkish student sample
Author(s): Simge Sisman-Bal*
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No: 4   (2841)

Title: Positive Psychology in women with breast cancer
Author(s): Sheila Pintado Cucarella*, & Marco Antonio Castillo Pérez
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No: 5

Title: Current and never smokers’ responses to positive and negative smoking-related images
Author(s): Simge Sisman-Bal*
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No: 6

Title: Pattern of anxiety and depression among secondary school students in KSA
Author(s): Faris Ahmed*, Mohammed Alrowialy
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No: 7   (2974)

Title: The Phenomenology of Anorexia Nervosa: The Intertwining Meaning of Gender & Embodiment
Author(s): Diedra L. Clay*
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No: 8   (3074)

Title: The Phenomenology of Anorexia Nervosa: The Intertwining Meaning of Gender & Embodiment
Author(s): Muzi Gjergji*, Zheni Gjergji
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No: 9

Title: Resilience and adaptation of adolescents
Author(s): Elena Kuftyak *
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No: 10

Title: Organ donation in terms of social, educational, religious perception of university students:Corum/Turkey
Author(s): Filiz Selen*,Selen Ozakar Akca
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No: 11

Title: Nursing students’ critical thinking levels
Author(s): Selen Ozakar Akca*, Filiz Selen
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No: 12    (2975)

Title: Psychodynamic particularities expression of systematized delusions in the paranoid schizophrenia
Author(s): Simona Trifu*, Eduard George Carp, Ionut Trifu
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No: 13

Title: Elements of Ethnology in high school adolescent personality construction. Premises in knowledge of national identity
Author(s): Eugenia Burdusa, Simona Trifu*,  Arina Trifu
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