icCSBs January 2015

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cCSBs January 2015 The Annual International Conference on Cognitive - Social, and Behavioural Sciences
06-09 January 2015
Kyrenia - Cyprus
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Prof. Dr. W.C.M. (Willibrord) Weijmar Schultz, Head of section Psychosomatic Obstetrics & Gynecologie / Sexology UMCG, University Medical Center Groningen & Associate Prof. Dr. Anita Welch Curriculum & Instruction and Educational Technology Division, Head Emirates College for Advanced Education

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Title: The Quality of Working Life Among Nurses in Pediatric Setting
Author(s):Nizar Said*, Filipe Nave, Filomena Matos
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No: 3   (2427)

Title: A Heuristic model to measure nonprofit management deficiency
Author(s): Lawrence Hunt*, Mehryar Nooriafshar, Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti
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No: 4   (2447)

Title: Role of communication experience in facial expression coding in preschool children
Author(s): Vera Labunskaya*
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No: 5   (2488)

Title: Integration of innovative technologies for enhancing students` motivation for their career prospects
Author(s): Olga Volobuyeva, Victoria Subbotina*
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No: 6   (2489)

Title: Pragmalinguistic aspect of social and political texts
Author(s): Victoria Subbotina* 
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No: 7   (2495)

Title: Towards a profile definition of the educator in street-based sex work setting
Author(s): Marta Graça*, Manuela Gonçalves
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No: 8   (2514)

Title: Emotional intelligence and coping strategy of employees of emergency service
Author(s): Danna Naurzalina*, Aliya Tolegenova, Aksaule Karabalina, Gulmira Bekeshova, Ainura Sissenova, Gulmira Zhumliev
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No: 9   (2535)

Title: What makes me safe?
Author(s): Poonam Sharma*
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No: 10   (2584)

Title: Psychological features of professional formation of the military and aviation expert
Author(s): Aksaule Karabalina, Danna Naurzalina*, Gulmira Bekeshova, Tamara Batyrova, Salatanat Urazayeva, Aliya Tolegenova
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No: 11   (2586)

Title:  Moral intelligence, identity styles and adjustment in adolescent
Author(s): Marjan Aalbehbahani*
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No: 12   (2601)

Title: Development of professional activity among future psychologists
Author(s): Olga Aimaganbetova*, Akhmet Aimaganbetov, Aksaule Karabalina, Aliya Tolegenova, Danna Naurzalina, Zhakhinur Ganieva
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No: 13   (2666)

Title: Cognitive style and gender differencies in spatial abilities
Author(s): Danna Naurzalina*, Aigul Karimova, Marat Sarkulov, Ainur Zholamanova, Bibigul Almurzayeva, Aliya Tolegenova
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No: 14   (2684)

Title: Emotional intelligence as educational resource for parents
Author(s): Aliya Tolegenova*, Shugyla Duanayeva, Danna Naurzalina
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No: 15   (2687)

Title:  Social and psychological study of interethnic tension in the multiethnic state
Author(s): Olga Aimaganbetova, Tolkun Sagnaeva, Zulfiy Balgimbaeva, Danna Naurzalina*, Zhibek Bimaganbetova, Aliya Tolegenova
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No: 16   (2694)

Title: Influence of film-making on formation of mass consciousness of Kazakhstani youth
Author(s): Zarina Mukanova*, Tursun Gabitov, Zhanna Kantarbayeva, Zhuldyz Datka, Altyn Ainiyazova
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No: 17   (2707)

Title: The Principles of universal design for learning implementation in design study process
Author(s): Inguna Karlsone*
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No: 18   (2710)

Title: A brief screening for personality disorders: Clinical and one nonclinical sample
Author(s): Fleura Shkembi*, Erika Melonashi, Naim Fanaj
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No: 19   (2719)

Title: The continuity in the evaluation of educational results in the school-university system
Author(s): Olga Aimaganbetova*, Orynkul Shunkeyeva, Bibigul Almurzayeva
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No: 20   (2720)

Title: Al-Farabi's humanistic principles and "virtuous city"
Author(s): Anar Tanabayeva*, Aliya Massalimova, Marzhan Alikbayeva, Zhuldyz Alikbayeva, Orazgul Mukhatova, Zhuldyz Alikbayeva
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No: 21   (2731)

Title: Communicative competence of high school students
Author(s): Elmira Kalymbetova*,Aktolkyn Kulsariyeva, Aliya Massalimova               
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No: 22   (2733)

Title: Computer modelling of cognitive processes as preventing method of addictive behavior
Author(s):  Aliya Tolegenova*, Oskenbay Fariza, Elmira Kalymbetova, Nadejda Galiyeva, Anuarbek Onaybay, Danna Naurzalina
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No: 23   (2734)

Title: Emotional competence of parents in the process of education of the child
Author(s): Aliya Tolegenova*, Dariya Tunguskova, Danna Naurzalina*, Nazirash Zhubanazarova, Laura Baimoldina, Zina Adilshinova
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No: 24   (2735)

Title: Portfolio as a form of an assessment of preschool child' personal achievements
Author(s): Danna Naurzalina*
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No: 25   (2736)

Title: Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in the educational system of Kazakhstan
Author(s): Anar Tanabayeva*, Orazgul Mukhatova, Aliya Massalimova, Murat Tashenev, Tolkyn Mukhazhanova, Azhar Akhmetzhanova
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No: 26   (2741)

Title: Predictors of QOL for adults with acne: The Contribution of perceived stigma
Author(s): Johanna Liasides*, Fotini-Sonia Apergi
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