icCSBs 2014

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Edited by: Melis Yagmur Minas
Presentations & Posters: 2-25
Conference: icCSBs 2014 The Annual International Conference on Cognitive - Social, and Behavioural Sciences
Dates: 14-17 May 2014
Location: Mersin - Turkey
Conference Chair(s): Prof. Dr. W.C.M. (Willibrord) Weijmar Schultz, Head of section Psychosomatic Obstetrics & Gynecologie / Sexology UMCG, University Medical Center Groningen

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No: 2
Title: Emotional affinity towards cell phones among university students in UAE
Author(s): Radhika Taroor, Mehzabin Ahmed, Liju Susan Mathew, Jayadevan Sreedharan
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No: 3  
Title: Voices of Personal Strengths and Recovery: A Qualitative Study on People with Serious Mental Illnesses
Author(s): Huiting Xie
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Title: Group Counseling Interventions for Premenstrual Syndrome
Author(s): Sarah Gharacheh, Zahra Zeinodini, Behnaz Zaker, Narges Hossein Nazari
Open Access

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Title: Comparison of Emotional Adjustment between Ordinary People and Patients with Gastrointestinal Cancer
 Sarah Gharacheh
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No: 6            
Title: The street-based sex workers’ contribution for a socio-educational model of intervention
Author(s): Marta Graca, Manuela Goncalves
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No: 7  
Title: Predictor Effect of Parental Authority on the Children’s Self-Care Skills
Author(s): Muge Yurtsever Kilicgun, Ayse Kilickaya
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No: 8            
Title: Homework assignment: the instructions use in psychological treatments and the therapeutic compliance
Author(s): Carlos Marchenez Giraldez, Ana Calero Elvira, Elena Ruiz Sancho, Alejandra Alvarez Iglesias
Open Access

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No: 9  
Title: Motivational utterances in behavior therapy: how do we motivate our clients?
Author(s): Mr Ricardo De Pascual Verdu, Maria Xesus Frojan Parga, Ivette Vargas de la Cruz
Open Access

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No: 10   
Title: Verbal punishment in behavioural therapy. What does the therapist punish?
Author(s): Ms Nerea Galvan Dominguez, Ms Giulia Beggio, Ms Rebeca Pardo Cebrian, Ms Aitana Segovia Arroyo, Maria Xesus Frojan Parga
Open Access

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No: 11
Title: Psychological Health indicators of future psychologists with different levels of anxiety
Author(s): Nurgul KorgadzhanovnaToхanbaeva, Hapiza TanirbergenovaNaubaeva, Nazirash SuleymenovnaZhubanazarova, AlmagulMandykayeva, ZhanatBekova
Open Access

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No: 12 
Title: An Evaluation of Loneliness
Author(s): Deniz Cosan
Open Access

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No: 13
Title: Threatening Impairment: Assessing the Effects of Diagnosis Threat on Concussion Screening Tests
Author(s): Matthew Hagler, Karen Yu
Open Access

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No: 14         
Title: Intervention To Increase Participation in Physical Activity For Adults
Author(s): Mazlina MahmoodDenise Choon Lian Koh, Norlena Salamuddin
Open Access

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No: 15            
Title: Inventory of Barriers to Personal Creativity: A Validation Study Involving University Students
Author(s): Maria de Fátima Morais, Leandro de Almeida, Ivete Azevedo, Eunice Alencar, Denise Fleith
Open Access

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No: 16
Title: Discursive description of gender linguistics
Author(s): Zeine Orazbekova, Akshay Zhalalova, Erkan Сengiz
Open Access

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No: 17
Title: The Study of Passive Voice in Kazakh and Russian Languages
Author(s): Gaysha Imambayeva, Aigul Akhmetova, Yerik Akhmetov
Open Access

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No: 18
Title: Motivating Employees Through Internal Communication Satisfaction In The Retail Sector in Pune
Author(s): Pradnya Chitrao
Open Access

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No: 19
Title: The Effect of Academic and Language Skills Educational Program on Children’s Cognitive Abilities
Author(s): Ozgun Uyanik, Fatma Alisinanoglu
Open Access

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No: 20 
Title: Assessment effectiveness for second language learners: predictors, reliability and discriminant profiles
Author(s): Sandra Figueiredo, Margarida Martins, Carlos Silva
Open Access

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No: 21
Title: The effect of temporally spaced responding on preference for stimuli
Author(s): Masashi Tsukamoto, Ken-ichiro Kohara, and Koji Takeuchi
Open Access

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No: 22
Title: Exploring adolescent masculinity in an HIV context using participant autophotography
Author(s):  David Roy Blackbeard, Graham Lindegger
Open Access

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No: 23
Title: Social Anxiety among adolescents and its relation to quality of life
Author(s): Saleh Alkhathami, Hossein Kaviani, Emma Short
Open Access

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No: 24
Title: Algerian University Students’ Pragmatic Failure when Speaking EFL: Teachers’ Views and Strategies
Author(s): Nadia Idri
Open Access

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No: 25
Title: No evidence of attentional bias in statistics anxiety
Author(s): Peter K. H. Chew, Anne Swinbourne, and Denise B. Dillon
Open Access

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