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cCSBs May 2016 The Annual International Conference on Cognitive - Social, and Behavioural Sciences
07-10 May 2016
Acapulco Beach Club & Resort Hotel, Kyrenia - Cyprus
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Prof. Dr. W.C.M. (Willibrord) Weijmar Schultz, Head of section Psychosomatic Obstetrics & Gynecologie / Sexology UMCG, University Medical Center Groningen, Dr. Hugh Glenn, Co-Chair, Prof. Emeritus, Deputy President, Academics Institute® & Dr. Monika Ulrichová, Co-Chair, Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, Faculty of Education, Univerzity of Hradec Králové, Rokitanského 62, 50003, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

No: 1
Title: Contents
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No: 2 (3453)
Title: Ten Item Personality Inventory: A validation study on Croatian adult sample
Author(s): Sanja Tatalović Vorkapić*
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No: 3 (3558)
Title: Validation of the Assessment of Performance Competency
Author(s): Chaiwichit Chianchana*, & Sageemas Na Wichian
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No: 4 (3564)
Title: Self- regulation of motivation: Contributing to students’ learning in middle school
Author(s): Paula Paulino*, Isabel Sá & Adelina Lopes da Silva
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No: 5 (3574)
Title: Perception of Parental Love in 4-6 Year-Old Children
Author(s): Müge Yurtsever Kılıçgün*
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No: 6 (3577)
Title: Developing of the Measurement Model of Self-Directed Learning Characteristics
Author(s): Chaiwichit Chianchana*
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No: 7 (3578)
Title: The Effectiveness of NPQEL: A Study on School Middle Managers in Malaysia
Author(s): Jamelaa Bibi Abdullah*, & Gurcharan Singh Bishen Singh
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No: 8 (3589)
Title: Life effectiveness and Attitude towards the Psy4life Program
Author(s): Getrude Cosmas*, Chua Bee Seok, Shazia Iqbal Hashmi
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No: 9 (3608)
Title: Stress-related diseases: significant influence on the quality of life at workplaces
Author(s): Tiziana Ramaci*, Monica Pelleronea , Calogero Iacolino
Open Access
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No: 10 (3633)
Title: Family functioning and disability: a study on Italian parents with disabled children
Author(s): Calogero Iacolino, Monica Pellerone*, Ugo Pace, Tiziana Ramaci & Vittorio Castorina
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No: 11 (3836)
Title: Cognitive Dimension Of Abstraction In Basic Design Education: Architectural Context Of Antalya
Author(s): Kemal Reha Kavas, & Hacer Mutlu Danacı*
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No: 12 (3843)
Title: Synesthesia in the minds of bilingual
Author(s): Zhannat Yermekova *, & Maral Nurtazina
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No: 13 (4229)
Title: Study on the Sociology Official Exams for the Lebanese Secondary Certificate
Author(s): Laurice El Rahi*, & Marie-Thérèse Saliba
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No: 14 (4230)
Title: Defining the regulations of war in the Hague Convention of 1907
Author(s): Erazak Tileubergenov, Dana Baisymakova*, Dinara Belkhozhayeva, Zhanar Moldakhmetova
Open Access
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No: 15 (4232)
Title: Influential Translation of Advertisements from English to Arabic for Arab Women Consumers
Author(s): Randa Saliba Chidiac*, & Marie-Thérèse Saliba
Open Access
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No: 16 (4241)
Title: Study of Civil Dispute Resolutions by Social Mediation Services in Civil Law
Author(s): Katarína Vanková*
Open Access
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No: 17 (4245)
Title: How teachers'perceptions affect the academic and language assessment of immigrant children
Author(s): S. Figueiredo*, M. Silva Alves Martins, C. C., Simões
Open Access
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No: 18 (4246)
Title: Cluster's innovation development through the territory of the regions
Author(s): Juliya Tsertseil*, & Ordov Konstantin
Open Access
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No: 19 (4254)
Title: The Big Four Skills: Teachers’ Assumptions on Measurement of Non-Native Students Cognition
Author(s): S. Figueiredo*, M. Silva Alves Martins, O. C., Nunes
Open Access
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No: 20 (4265)
Title: Is resilience related to depression, anxiety and energy? European Social Survey results
Author(s): Andrius Šmitas*, & Loreta Gustainienė
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No: 21 (4266)
Title: Analysis of Technology Education Development at Schools in Slovakia
Author(s): Alena Hašková*, & Silvia Dvorjaková
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No: 22 (4270)
Title: The Universal equality in a multi-ethnic society of Kazakhstan
Author(s): Issakhanova Assel*
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No: 23 (4281)
Title: The role of students’ personality characteristics in the implementation of scientific research
Author(s): Natalia Moskvicheva*, & Svetlana Kostromina
Open Access
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No: 24 (4283)
Title: Creativity Particularities of Students Specializing in Humanities, Science, Technics in Kazakhstani Universities
Author(s): Aigerim Mynbayeva*, Anastassiya Vishnevskaya, Bakhytkul Akshalova
Open Access
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No: 25 (4287)
Title: Education and Spirituality in Kazakhstan: "Self-cognition" Metadiscipline Features and Methods of Teaching
Author(s): Aigerim Mynbayeva*, Nazgul Anarbek, Mensulu Yesseyeva
Open Access
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No: 26 (4328)
Title: The Impact of Mental Thinking Systems on Idea Generation: Athens Olympic Ceremony
Author(s): Wichian Lattipongpun*
Open Access
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No: 27 (4331)
Title: The mass schooling process in Portugal: a unique pathway
Author(s): Mariana Dias*
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No: 28 (4340)
Title: Autobiographical methods in pedagogical research for lifelong learning
Author(s): Gabriella Aleandri*, & Vincenza Russo
Open Access
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No: 29 (4341)
Title: Broadening teacher training: playful learning in non-formal contexts for science and mathematics education
Author(s): Alicia Fernández-Oliveras*, & María Luisa Oliveras
Open Access
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No: 30 (4342)
Title: Performance and reliability of human factor: case of a plasma welding workplace
Author(s): Ivana Tureková*, & Alena Hašková
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No: 31 (4343)
Title: Consensus and tendencies in learning approach management
Author(s): Valeria Pestean*
Open Access
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No: 32 (4345)
Title: Play in Scientific and Mathematical Non-Formal Education. Bagh Chal, a Tigers-and-Goats Game
Author(s): Carlos Sergio Gutiérrez-Perera*, Alicia Fernández-Oliveras, María Luisa Oliveras
Open Access
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No: 33 (4444)
Title: Foreign Language Education and Dynamics of Foreign Language Competence
Author(s): Eva Stranovská, Silvia Hvozdíková*, Dáša Munková, Gadušová Zdenka
Open Access
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No: 34 (4445)
Title: The Importance of Ethical Treatment in Therapeutic Practice with an Accent on Confidentiality
Author(s): Monika Ulrichová*
Open Access
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No: 35

Title: Empowering the Universities’ Students Competitiveness and Resilience Through Entrepreneurship Program
Author(s): Norasmah Othman*
Open Access

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