How to Foster Healthy Screen Time: Solutions for Teachers and Families

Maria Cerrato Lara, PhD
Universidad Internacional de la Rioja (UNIR), Spain

Maria Cerrato Lara is a lecturer at Universidad Internacional de la Rioja (UNIR) and Universidad Isabel I (UI1). She also collaborates at Universitat Carlemany (UCMA) and Universitat Abat Oliba (UAO CEU). Maria is passionate about helping student teachers become better teachers. Since she did her PhD focused on Doctoral Education, she also loves helping PhD students in becoming better researchers. Therefore, she delivers workshops addressed to doctoral students and thesis directors. Some of the institutions where she has offered her services at PhD level are MIT, Harvard University, University of Oxford, Aalto University, etc. Currently she collaborates in Kenkolab, as she is very interested in helping schools and families in fostering healthy screen time. She also participates in the research project 2021INDOV00009 #ChallengingTikTok, at Universitat de Barcelona, where she analyses teenagers’ perceptions of the different forms of gender violence and the normalization of sexist behavior in social network. 
About Workshop
Schools report experiencing difficulties when having to advise families about healthy screen time: "what shall we say/suggest as educators?" -they wonder. In this study we analysed three focus groups -addressed to heads, parents and teachers- in order to explore perceptions and beliefs about healthy screen time. With this purpose in mind, we also asked our subjects to answer a questionnaire. This mixed study allowed us not only to analyse how far/close were their statements from the paediatrics guidelines, but also how to bring them closer to our subjects. For this last matter, we organized a training for them adapted to their needs. In our workshop, we will present the tips (“solutions”) we shared with them in this training in order to foster healthy screen time for children aged 0-15. Our study was supported by Kenkolab (, which will be presented as well during the workshop. 

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