ICEEPSY 2024: Elevating Education & Research!

🚀 Welcome to the 15th ICEEPSY 2024: A Convergence of Education & Research Excellence! 🚀 Join a vibrant community of educators, researchers, and forward-thinkers, ready to explore the next horizon of educational innovation. Here, groundbreaking insights await at every turn, ready to shape the future of learning and teaching.

🎓 Who Are Our Trailblazers?

  • Educators & Teachers: Discover and share revolutionary teaching strategies.
  • Researchers: Present your latest findings and insights to a global audience.
  • Curriculum Developers: Design the learning experiences of the future.
  • School & University Leaders: Guide your institutions toward unprecedented growth.
  • Education Innovators: Set the trends that will define the next generation of education.
  • EdTech Enthusiasts: Explore how technology can further enhance teaching and learning.

🌟 Highlights of ICEEPSY 2024: Research-Driven Workshops (4th & 5th Nov): Immerse yourself in sessions packed with actionable knowledge and learn how research can directly enhance educational practice.

🚀 Why ICEEPSY? A nexus for creativity and innovation, ICEEPSY is the perfect gathering for educators, trainers, and researchers eager to share, learn, and inspire.

Call for Submissions: Researchers, this is your platform to share influential research and make your mark on the evolution of education.

Educators, Transform Your Practice: Choose your adventure: join us for two days of intensive workshops or the full four-day immersive experience.

Guiding Lights: Featuring leading voices in education like Prof. Dr. Kirsti Lonka, Assoc Prof Dr. Markus Talvio, Dr. Iida Vedenpää (University of Helsinki), Prof Dr. Maria Cerrato Lara (Universidad Internacional de la Rioja), and Dr. Zafer Bekir (Zafer Bekirogullari), renowned for their contributions to educational methodologies and psychological studies.

🎉 What Awaits You? From exploring the integration of technology in education to delving into the depths of Educational Psychology, ICEEPSY is an enriching festival of ideas, hosting over 6,600 participants from 91 countries.

📌 Key Dates:

  • Abstract Submission Deadline: 01 April 2024 - extended to 31 May 2024
  • Program Announcement: 15 August 2024
  • Full Paper Deadline: 15 September 2024


  • Inspiring Talks
  • Global Live-Streams
  • Informative Posters
  • Interactive Workshops

Commitment to Excellence:

  • Rigorous peer review process.
  • Premier standards for Open Access publication.

📺 Testimonial Videos from Previous ICEEPSY:

Madrid beckons! Dive into the nexus of revolutionary education and world-class expertise.

With Anticipation,

The Visionaries of ICEEPSY 2024

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