CPSYC 2015

Zafer Bekirogullari, Ph.D.
Chair CPSYC 2015
CPsychol, AFBPsS, CSci (British Psychological Society)
HCPC Registered Counselling Psychologist (United Kingdom)

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Virtual Posters: 2-14
3rd CPSYC International Congress on Clinical and Counselling Psychology
13-17 October 2015

Conference Chair(s): Dr Zafer Bekirogullari, CPsychol, AFBPsS, CSci (British Psychological Society), HCPC Registered Counselling Psychologist (United Kingdom)

No: 1
Title: Contents
Open Access
Contents 1 

No: 2
Title: The Phenomenology and Ontology of Complexes
Author(s):Matthew Gildersleeve
Open Access
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No: 3
Title: Sleep Quality Determinants Among Nursing Students
Author(s):Madalena Silva, Claudia Chaves, Joao Duarte, Odete Amaral, Manuela Ferreira
Open Access
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No: 4
Title: Lifestyles and surveillance of sexual and reproductive health in women
Author(s):Manuela Ferreira, Sofia Ferreira, Nuno Ferreira, Joana Andrade, Claudia Chaves, Joao Duarte
Open Access
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No: 5
Title: The maternal affection and motivation for breastfeeding
Author(s):Edite Pinto, Claudia Chaves, Joao Duarte, Paula Nelas, Emilia Coutinho
Open Access
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No: 6
Title: Implications of Total Productive Maintenance in Psychological Sense of Ownership
Author(s):Hugo Pinto, Madalena Cunha, Carina Pimentel
Open Access
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No: 7
Title: Knowledge Questionnaire over Forensics Nursing Practices
Author(s):Madalena Cunha, Rui Libório, Mauro Coelho
Open Access
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No: 8   (3052)
Title: Influence of Cultural Resources of Mothers over Parenting Values in Russian Families
Author(s):Olga Bezrukova, Valentina Samoylova
Open Access
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No: 9
Title: Vulnerability to stress and quality of life of women with urinary incontinence
Author(s):Paula Nelas, João Duarte, Andreia Dias, Claudia Chaves, Emilia Coutinho, Odete Amaral
Open Access
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No: 10
Title: Patient satisfaction in relation to nursing home care
Author(s):Claudia Chaves, Mario Santos
Open Access
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No: 11
Title: Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation breastfeeding scale: Adaptation and validation for Portuguese population
Author(s): Dolores Sardo
Open Access
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No: 12
Title: Menopause: suggesting a measuring instrument of the attitudes of Portuguese women
Author(s):Arminda Anes Pinheiro, Margarida Vieira, Constança Paul
Open Access
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No: 13
Title: Problems of teenager social adaptation in the modern world
Author(s):Tatiana Sviridova, Svetlana Lazurenko, Marya Slipka
Open Access
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No: 14
Title: Psychological Features Associated with Health in Higher Education Students
Author(s):Madalena Cunha, Carlos Albuquerque, Rosa Martins, Antonio Madureira, Isabel Bica, Cristina Albuquerque
Open Access
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No: 15
Title: The Successful ADHD Therapy Result Based on Mother’s Therapy Decision Making Process
Author(s):Elvira Ayuandita, Rah Madya Handaya
Open Access
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