CPSYC 2014

Barbara A Wilson 
Co-Chair CPSYC 2014
OBE, Ph.D, CPsychol, ScD, FBPsS, FMedSci, AcSS
President of the Encephalitis Society 
Member of the Management Committee of The World Federation of Neuro Rehabilitation
Pavlo Kanellakis,
Co-Chair CPSYC 2014
CPsychol, CSci, FBPsS
Chartered Psychologist Specialising in Psychotherapy (British Psychological Society)
Health and Care Professions Council UK Registered Clinical, Counselling and Health Psychologist
British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies Accredited Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer
IPT UK Accredited Interpersonal Psychotherapist and Supervisor
Association for Psychological Therapies Accredited Trainer

"The 2014 International Conference of Clinical and Counselling Psychology is pleased to present the Excellence Award to “Health Education West Midlands Mental Health Institute Local Education and Training Committee” for the “Upskilling the workforce in Psychological Practice Skills" research project. The funding of this project provides a solid foundation for further research as identified by the emerging evidence.  The design of the research combines the methodological rigour of applied psychology with the richness of lived experiences of all participants. This enables psychological expertise to be utilised optimally to serve our society. The long term commitment of the LETC to follow the analysis of the evidence, in order to ensure best use of resources is both innovative and commendable. The project's related poster "A Framework to Assess Healthcare Data Quality" was shown at the conference".

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Virtual Posters: 2-16
2nd CPSYC International Congress on Clinical and Counselling Psychology
01-04 December 2014
 - Turkey
Conference Chair(s): 
Dr Zafer Bekirogullari, CPsychol, AFBPsS, CSci (British Psychological Society), HCPC Registered Counselling Psychologist (United Kingdom) & Pavlo Kanellakis, Co-Chair, CPsychol, FBPsS (British Psychological Society), HCPC Registered Clinical, Counselling, Health, Sport and Exercise Psychologist (United Kingdom), Association for Psychological Therapies (APT), Couples SIG

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Title: Contents

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Contents 1 

No: 2

Title: Effects of forgiveness therapy on recovery among residents of drug rehabilitation centers
Author(s):Myrtle Orbon, Jocelyn Mercado, Jolly Balila
Open Access

Virtual Presentation 2 

No: 3   (1914)

Title: Quality of Life of Women with Infertility
Author(s): Manuela Ferreira, Sandra Vicente, Joao Duarte, & Claudia Chaves
Open Access

Virtual Presentation 3 

No: 4   (1987)

Title: Lateralization and Marital satisfaction
Author(s): Farnaz Holekian, Yaser Madani, Masoud Gholamali Lavasani
Open Access

Virtual Presentation 4 

No: 5   (2182)

Title: “Naked genes” as health innovation: a challenge for psychological research
Author(s): Nadia Rania, L. Migliorini
Open Access

Virtual Presentation 5 

No: 6   (2187)

Title: The value of participatory visual methods in young masculinity research
Author(s):  David Blackbeard  & Graham Lindegger
Open Access

Virtual Presentation 6 

No: 7   (2340)

Title: Attachment and affection relations in a family: aspects of child attachment
Author(s): Elena Kuftyak
Open Access

Virtual Presentation 7 

No: 8   (2433)

Title: Unexplained anticipatory activity in patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI)
Author(s): Petr Kulistak
Open Access

Virtual Presentation 8 

No: 9   (2572)

Title: Validation of "Schwartz Values ​​Scale" for Spanish adolescents
Author(s): J. Paez & A. De-Juanas
Open Access

Virtual Presentation 9 

No: 10   (2638)

Title: Learning strategies and academic performance
Author(s): Alvaro Muelas, Enrique Navarro
Open Access

Virtual Presentation 10 

No: 11   (2653)

Title: The Authoritative Syndrome in Attitudes and Educational Practices of Russian Parents
Author(s): Olga Bezrukova, Valentina Samoylova
Open Access

Virtual Presentation 11 

No: 12   (2665)

Title: Evaluation of implementation of a psych affective Education program to schooled children
Author(s): Alfredo Rojas Otálora, Ana Rita Russo de Sánchez
Open Access

Virtual Presentation 12 

No: 13   (2680)

Title: The Moderating Effect of Gender: Traumatic Experiences and Depression in Adolescence
Author(s): Sílvia Monteiro, Ana Paula Matos, Sara Oliveira
Open Access

Virtual Presentation 13 

No: 14   (2681)

Title: Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Resilience Scale (RS13-A) in Portuguese Adolescents
Author(s): Anaísa Oliveira, Ana Paula Matos,Maria do Rosário Pinheiro & Sara Oliveira
Open Access

Virtual Presentation 14 

No: 15   (2682)

Title: Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the QRI Father’s Version in a Portuguese Sample
Author(s): Daniela Marques, Maria Rosário Pinheiro, Ana Paula Matos, Cristiana Marques
Open Access

Virtual Presentation 15 

No: 16   (2683)

Title: Cognitive Emotional Regulation Strategies and Depressive Symptoms: Gender's Moderating Effect
Author(s): Ana Catarina Duarte, Ana Paula Matos, Cristiana Marques
Open Access

Virtual Presentation 16