Chairs' Message

We are honoured to chair the 10th International Congress on Clinical and Counselling Psychology (CPSYC) to be held online this year. We aim that clinical and counselling psychologists, practitioners, students, researchers and others from around the world will consider attending this meeting and that many of you will submit papers. We have a talented and committed team of CPSYC Scientific Committee and Board of Reviewers who are working hard to make the 2022 Congress a resounding success.
The 2021 Congress will provide excellent opportunities for participants to exchange  ideas with each other during the virtual oral presentations.  It will facilitate discussions, including challenges to clinical and counselling psychology;  it will provide an international forum for scientific debate and constructive interaction. Furthermore, it will provide a platform for educators, researchers, students, and practitioners to present their work; exchange knowledge, ideas, and experience; and identify solutions to existing challenges in clinical and counselling psychology. Doctoral candidates are particularly invited to present and discuss their research ideas and work in progress.
CPSYC 2021 Scientific Committee and Board of Reviewers welcome papers from the following and related topics:
Anxiety Disorders, Attention Disorders, Autism, Behavioural Science, Behavioural Therapy,  Child Psychology, Chronic Diseases, Clinical Psychology, Clinical Research, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Community Health, Depression, Eating Disorders, Ethics, Forensic Science, Gay and Lesbian Issues, Genetics, Health Care Access, Health Care Financing, Health Economics, Health Policy and Promotion, Health Services Innovations, Health Services Research, Intellectual Disabilities, Marriage and Family Therapy, Medical Ethics, Mental Health, Minority Health, Neuropsychology, Outcome Research, Paediatrics, Preventive Medicine, Psychiatry, Psychopathology, Psychotherapy, Public Health, Quality of Life, Research Methods, Schizophrenia, Sexual Violence, Social Science, Social Work in Medicine, Substance Abuse, Suicide and Violence Prevention.  
As in previous conferences and congresses of Academics Institute, abstracts from the 2022 Congress will be published by Academics Institute, and full-text papers will be provided in the European Proceedings of Life Sciences. 
Previous Academics Institute conferences and congresses have been very successful, and CPSYC 2022 promises to be another high quality event.  
We look forward to meeting with colleagues and friends—old and new—during 2022, April. 

Dr Mariusz Jaworski, D.H.Sc., M.Psych., MDiet
Chair, CPSYC 2021
Department of Education and Research in Health Sciences,
Faculty of Health Sciences,
Medical University of Warsaw,
Warsaw, Poland